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February 17, 2004

Z Records have received many emails since the posting of the news concerning Jaime’s involvementwith Warrant at Metal Sludge. Fans can rest assured that the Black n Blue come back album “Hell Yeah!”will be released, in addition the band will be touring to support the album. A UK tour is currently in the planning stages so watch this space for further news!

In the meantime fans of the band can download the demo version of Hell Yeah! (the title track)at it is pure classic Black n Blue !!!

Here is a statement from the band concerning the news re Jaime’s involvement with Warrant:

In regards to the official announcement that vocalist Jaime St. James hasnow joined Warrant, St. James says that he and Black ‘N Blue will stillcomplete work on their new album entitled “Hell Yeah!”, which is currentlyscheduled for release in May. In regards to touring, St. James says “mycommitments are with Warrant, however I do not rule out the possibility ofplaying dates with Black ‘N Blue in support of the new album”.

Courtesy of Z Records