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February 24, 2004

DOVER, N.H. – Ted Nugent has admitted he fathered the 8-year-old son of a Dover woman suing the 1970s rocker for child support and custody, according to her lawyer.

Karen Gutowski, 43, sued Nugent for custody and support in August in Strafford County Superior Court. Her lawyer, Jeffrey Runge, said Nugent, 55, has acknowledged he is the father and paid minimal support but has never met the boy.

Nugent’s lawyers, meanwhile, have asked the courts to make appropriate custodial and visitation rights for Nugent.

Runge says Nugent is trying to intimidate his client into withdrawing questions about Nugent’s finances.

In a Foster’s Daily Democrat interview last fall, Runge said that “given the fact he’s worth millions and millions of dollars, he’s paying the amount someone making about $20,000 per year would pay.”

Eight years after the child is born, Runge wrote, Nugent “miraculously decides he wants some component of custody. Indeed (Nugent’s) motives … are suspicious and appear more intended to intimidate and harass the petitioner,” Runge wrote.

Runge lists 25 sources of income for Nugent including concerts, album sales, Nugent’s radio and television shows, beef jerky sales, and a recent book “God, Guns & Rock n’ Roll.”

Nugent has sold millions of albums. He is a renowned hunting enthusiast, member of the National Rifle Association’s board of directors and host of a new reality television show on VH1, “Surviving Nugent,” filmed on his Concord, Mich., ranch.

Nugent was named Michigan Conservationist of the Year in 1999 and has been named Father of the Year at his child’s school, according to a biography on Nugent has two children with his wife, Shemane Nugent.

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