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March 1, 2004

Order Reminder

We just wanted to send you a little reminder if you haven’t gotten a chance to order your Into the Now CD/Poster. We will be shipping orders next week and you must place your order by midnight Tuesday March 2nd to ensure delivery by March 9th! So please help support Tesla at this critical time. Every sale counts the first week out so they can have a good placing on the Billboard charts! Don’t forget, if you pre-order from you will receive a free poster! Supplies are limited on the posters, so order now!!!

Radio Loves Tesla!

If you haven’t been following the mainstream rock radio charts, Tesla is number 13 this week and climbing!!! These charts count the number of spins a song gets. Caught in a Dream has climbed steadily up the chart to number 13 thanks to all of you and your requests! Keep calling your radio stations to request Caught in a Dream and let’s see if we can get it to number 1!!!

Fan Club Media CD!

In addition to the video that is up on the website, the personally autographed Fan Club Media CD will contain a new video which is footage from the studio and the tour. The backdrop for this video is a song that didn’t make it on the Into the Now CD called Everybody Is a Star. This video is exclusively for Tesla Fan Club members. If you are not a member, read the details and join now! If you are already a member of the 2003/2004 fan club, this Video CD will automatically ship to you. Please be sure your address information is up to date on the Tesla website! There are some Fan Club packages that include a personally autographed Into the Now CD at a discount too! If you place your order by midnight Tuesday March 1, your Fan Club package and CD will arrive on the release day…so order now!

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