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March 14, 2004


It’s 2004 and with technology moving along what better time than now, to add TUFF to your growing collection of DVDs. But don’t add just one, add all four. That’s right; RLS Records & TUFF are issuing all three of their original Home Videos on DVD and a new piece to make it an even four pack. There is a theme with each DVD and with over 6 hours of footage you can’t go wrong when choosing these digitally enhanced clips. The newly added menu section and graphics are out of this world with sound bites, flyer collages, rare pictures and more. No more re-winding or fast forwarding to get to your favorite video, backstage clip or section of choice. These DVDs can be purchased each for $ 20.00 or the entire TUFF DVD 4-Pack is only $ 75.00. Please take a click on over to Http:// to find out more.

(Selection # DVD61332) TUFF “What comes around goes around” – The Videos. This DVD includes videos for the following songs: “The All New Generation”, “So Many Seasons”, “Ruck-A-Pit Bridge”, “Lonely Lucy”, “Spit Like This”, & the #3 Dial MTV request “I Hate Kissing You Goodbye.” There is also a bonus video for “Down on Sinner Street” which was originally recorded by the band in early 1989. This DVD also includes various outtakes and footage from the bands first ever major label (Atlantic/Titanium) supported tour of the US & the UK during 1991. Running Time: 60 Minutes.

(Selection # DVD61432) TUFF “Religious Fix” – The Making of… This DVD includes videos for the following songs: “Tied To The Bells”, “Better Off Dead” & “In Dogs We Trust.” This DVD shows in great detail how the band spent the summer of 1994 self financing & filming a trilogy of videos for their self released (RLS Records) “Fist First” EP. That EP became a full length and was re-released as “Religious Fix” after 3 additional tracks and a new major label (BMG//Mausoleum) was added. This DVD as a whole is very much-like the Guns n’ Roses release entitled “Making F**king Videos.” See for yourself how the band made use of a closet crawl space, their backyard pool, and a sprinkler system to make these high quality clips. Running Time: 60 Minutes.

(Selection # DVD61532) TUFF “Decade of Distant Memories” – 85-95. This DVD includes videos for the following songs: “I Like What I See”, “Makes Me Sick”, “The All New Generation – Live”, “Tied To The Bells – Live”, “God Bless This Mess – Live”, “Spit Like This – Live”, & “In Dogs We Trust – Live.” This DVD will show you in great detail some of the highest and lowest points of the bands exciting career. It’s packed full of killer footage of the band on the road, in the studio, backstage and behind closed doors. This DVD will show you about the good times, and the bad. It’s a reality filled look at what a band really goes through daily while out on tour. Running Time: 120 Minutes.

(Selection # DVD61632) TUFF “Rock n’ Rarities.” – This DVD is packed full of over two dozen rare TUFF performances. You will be taken to gigs from the mid 80s thru the mid 90s and into some of the worlds most famous Hollywood clubs like: Gazzarris, The Whisky-A-Go-Go, & The Troubadour. TUFF will also take you on tour with them when they played in Minnesota, Ohio, Colorado, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin & more. See TUFF perform the b-sides from their releases like: “Wake Me Up”, “Simon Says”, “Follow The Loser”, & “Disaster.” Also see TUFF perform rare demo cuts like: “Put Out Or Get Out”, “Don’t Complain”, “Money Talks”, “What Comes Around Goes Around”, & “Bang-Bang.” You’ll even see TUFF cover their favorites like: Ratt, Mettalica, Ted Nugent, & Black Sabbath. Running Time: 120 Minutes.

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