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March 21, 2004


We have begun the editing process for the upcoming Helix history video. The DVD will have extra footage and will go on sale the night of the anniversary concert. This will be a great opportunity to get all your Helix “stuff” signed by former and present members of the band.

ANNIVERSAY CD (Never Trust Anyone Over 30)

The anniversary CD will come out very shortly after Rockin’ In My Outer Space and will contain tracks from all our independent releases plus unreleased material.

NEW HELIX CD (Rockin’ In My Outer Space)

We’re still on track to get this CD out in 4 to 6 weeks. We’re just finishing up the final tracks now. Next Tuesday night Cheryl Lescom is coming in to lay down some harmonies on the song “Lint and Pennies”. Once that’s done there’s only a few minor overdubs on “Sunny Summer Daze” and then that’s it except for the CD artwork and graphics.

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