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March 22, 2004

LOS ANGELES – Jon Bon Jovi has no illusions that his arena football team is going to ever compete with the NFL. However, he does believe it’s easier to be a fan.

Bon Jovi is an owner of the AFL team the Philadelphia Soul. He says one thing that’s not so good about the NFL is that kids have almost no shot of meeting their favorite players, and that’s assuming they can afford a ticket in the first place.

Bon Jovi says the AFL has a rule that the players have to come out after the game and sign autographs, which makes the players approachable.

He says he knows the team is making an impact because even though he signs autographs too, people are cheering when certain players come out to meet them.

Bon Jovi says the AFL will never be as popular as the NFL. He says it’s for football junkies like him who go into mourning after the Super Bowl and can’t get into hockey or baseball or basketball.

Courtesy of Associated Press