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March 25, 2004

The Alchemist with Glenn Hughes: Songs From the Westside

Release Date: April 6, 2004
Catalog Number LS6969 List Price $17.98 Ask about quantity discounts.

In 2002, Songs From the Westside, the critically hailed progressive rock CD was released in a limited run of only 1000 copies worldwide and sold out instantly.

Front Row Seat Media has made exclusive arrangements with LedSled Records for one final pressing of this progressive rock classic…only 1000 more are to be pressed, ever, of the only recordings ever by this progressive supergroup featuring:

Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple / Black Sabbath) Vocals
Ian Chrichton (Saga) Guitars
Tim Pierce (Toy Matinee, Goo Goo Dolls / Bon Jovi) Guitars
Carl Kennedy (The Greg Lake Band) Keyboards, Drums, Percussion

The Alchemist is the brainchild of composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Carl Kennedy, who most recently was the drummer in the Greg Lake Band. Songs From the Westside is a collection of well-crafted songs that blend intricate tribal rhythms with guitar driven passion interwoven with beautiful melodies, highlighted by Glenn Hughes’ powerful blue-eyed soul delivery and Kennedy’s haunting arrangements . Comparisons range from Traffic and King Crimson to Sting and Sade.

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