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March 29, 2004


with only a few weeks to go until the release of the all new WAR & PEACE album”The Walls Have Eyes”, Jeff Pilson took time out to give a brief run down ofthis amazing new release……..

01. CALLING- instrumental opener, setting the tone and theme of the record

02. REFLECTIONS- A dark and heavy piece about the feelings one has when things keep happening over and over.

03. CITY IN FLAMES- Originally written after the LA riots of 92, but brought up to speed and worked out more for guitar. It was originally more of a keyboard piece.

04. THE WALLS HAVE EYES- A piece about child abuse and the resultant feelings it causes.

05. STRANGER IN MY OWN LAND- Written for a European compilation record which featured songs about the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The lyrics say it all. Features a tremendous guitar solo by virtuoso Alex Masi.

06. ROCK AND ROLL BREAKDOWN- About a rocker losing his (or her) sanity on stage. Sometimes the pressure and the egos don’t mix!

07. NO ONE IS LISTENING- Written from that feeling of helplessness when one sees the world going through so much negative, and no one seems to pay attention to all the obvious signs. Also features some guitar work from 16-year old up-and-comer, Daniel Irmas.

08. YOU HAUNT ME- Very Beatlesque acoustic track, with lots of special instrumentation. Basically a love song, done in a very dark, but melodic, way.

09. THE SHELL- Following the theme of the record, this song explores the comfort and near insanity of the ways we fall into denial. But it also asks the question, which one is truly reality?

10. BLACK IN THE MIRROR- Pretty much talking about when one can’t even face themselves in the mirror- the vision is too frightening. Features a great jam between Fro and myself.

11. DESPERATE HEARTS- Originally written with Jason Bonham for the Rockstar movie, this is my version. It then connects into:

12. THE LINE IN THE SAND- Extreme behaviours and views from both sides of world opinion seem to be drawing the boundaries and setting the stage for conflict. How much extreme can we all take?

13. FINALE- The summing up of themes from the whole record, leading to a cacophonous ending. The message is there’s hope if we all do our part, but disaster if ignored.

14. WALK AWAY- Remake of the Dokken song from 1988, but done with a string quartet. A very unique, stripped-down version of the song. Only a single vocal along with the strings

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Courtesy of Z Records