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April 7, 2004

NEW YORK – Kiss drummer Peter Criss is blasting Gene Simmons for implying Criss is on drugs. Criss writes on his Web site, “Some people love hearing themselves talk. Gene Simmons is one of them.”

Criss takes issue with interviews Simmons gave to the press in Iowa and in Germany in which he claimed Criss was too unhealthy to tour with the band. Criss denies that, saying he is in excellent health. Criss says he’s never been so happy in his whole life and that he surrounds himself with people who love and respect him.

Criss says the original band is over and he is not shocked that Simmons and Paul Stanley have turned “a legendary band into a cover act for just plain profit.”

Criss says he is excited to finally “be free to be an artist again.” He says he was proud to be part of something that was once great, and he ends by saying, “God bless and good-bye to that part of my life.”

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