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April 11, 2004

We are now one song away from finishing up Rockin’ In My Outer Space, with the last song to be finished being Panic. Sylvain Valee is putting together the graphics and liner notes for me and it should be done about the same time as the mix, so the next step will be straight to the printers. The 30th Anniversary CD (Never Trust Anyone Over 30) is my next project and shouldn’t take too long to put together as the album is a combination of songs taken from previous Helix CDs (from 1993-2001) plus several unreleased Helix tracks. Stay tuned…

Second Practice for Anniversary Show

Last Sunday the second and third line-up of performers who will be appearing on July 17th got together for our first rehearsal for the show. In attendance was Keith Zurbrigg (original bassist), Brian Doerner (drummer on Breaking Loose), Brent (aka. The Doctor) Doerner (guitarist from 1975-1988), Leo Neibudek (drummer on White Lace and Black Leather) Reiner and Cindy Weichmann, myself, and Cheryl Lescom. This was the first time we ever played the song You’re a Woman Now with the female parts and it was chilling to hear Cheryl and Cindy sing. On Billy Oxygen Brian Doerner added his voice to the girls to give an almost Meatloaf effect to the background vocals. Pretty cool…


We have finally begun the edit on the “30 Years of Helix” DVD. The segments with Fritz in them are hilarious. The next step will be to tighten everything up and then add all the still pictures I have to help support the story. Last but not least we will add the music and then narration by none other than local London DJ Derrick Cummings.

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