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April 27, 2004

Hollywood, CA (April 27, 2004) – Today we were horrified to discover that once again another record company has attempted to profit on the horrible tragedy of February 20th , 2003. Deadline / Cleopatra Records have planned to release a double record called Double Dose on May 11th with a burning shark on the cover. This is a reprehensible and deplorable act for the sole purpose of financial gain.

Great White is disgusted by the cover, and certainly did not approve it or the album’s release. This practice of repackaging for profit will not be tolerated. The disgusting and vile album cover is a disgrace. We are demanding the immediate cancellation of this release and are taking all legal avenues available to stop it. We are contacting Navarre distribution as well as Deadline Records today.

Nancy B. Sayle courtesy of VQ Promotions