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May 4, 2004

PHOENIX – School’s in for Alice Cooper. The rock star, whose hits include “School’s Out,” is being awarded an honorary doctorate by a Christian liberal arts college. The 56-year-old will receive the honorary degree at Grand Canyon University’s commencement ceremony Saturday.

Cooper, whose classic albums include “Killer,” and “Welcome to my Nightmare,” has been a financial supporter of the school, university officials said.

He was known for shocking audiences with gruesome concert performances featuring simulated hangings and infant dolls gushing blood. More recently, he’s been known in the Phoenix area as a family man who sometimes coaches Little League.

p”Alice Cooper is a guy who made it big in a very tough business and has made his faith a priority,” said Michael K. Clifford, vice chairman for the university, in a written statement. “He can become a real mentor for our students, sharing his knowledge, valuable contacts and real-life experiences in the performing arts.”

Courtesy of Associated Press