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May 6, 2004

Ex-GUNS N’ ROSES members SLASH and DUFF MCKAGAN are allegedly suing frontman AXL ROSE for $1 million.

According to Celebrity Justice, Slash (Saul Hudson), and McKagan, currently both members of new band Velvet Revolver, have filed a lawsuit against Rose after he refused requests for Guns N’ Roses tracks to be used in motion pictures with out their consent, despite not holding the controlling interest in the material.

Tracks were requested for films such as ‘We Were Soldiers’, ‘Death to Smoochy’, ‘Old School’ and ‘Just Married’, and rejected by Rose.

The lawsuit also claims Rose was responsible for a breakdown in negotiations between the makers of ‘Black Hawk Down’ and the band. The producer requested ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ for the film’s soundtrack. But Rose allegedly responded saying that he wished the track to be re-recorded without McKagan and Slash, to prevent them receiving licensing payment.

Rose, who joined with McKagan and Slash earlier in the year to prevent the release of the band’s greatest hits album and lost, has yet to comment on the action.

Courtesy of NME