News Segment


May 9, 2004

A follow up on Ricky. He has been diagnosed with cancer. Sue has promised to keep us informed of developements, she had the following to say:

“Ricky has asked that I share some information with you. As you all know Ricky has been sick for the last 6-8 months. He has been in & out of the Dr./hospitals getting test after test to determine what was wrong. After hearing many doctors say the possible things it could be, he has finally found out what it is. All though he consideres this a VERY personal matter, he considers the fans as part of family. Most important he wants to stop all the rumors of what is really wrong. He has conquered the drug problem which was a hard battle. Now he has another, more serious battle to fight. Ricky has been diagnosed with cancer. I know that this is an informal way to announce this, but he wanted to let all the fans know the truth. I will keep you updated on his progress in his treatment. Anyone who is wanting to send notes of support are welcome to write to him at”

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