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May 26, 2004

Jesse Damon Singer/guitarist of the AOR hard rock band Silent Rage, is set for the release of his second solo album, due out September 13th!Followers of the hard rock metal music scene who share the same enthusiasm for bands like Burning Rain, War & Peace, Black N Blue and Silent Rage, are no strangers to Jesse Damon’s commitment to this genre, and on his forthcoming release he’s showing us that he’s still as rebellious as ever!

His new CD will feature and array of melodic hard rock, and will include a new recorded version of the Gene Simmons written song “Your My Reason For Livin’,” from the Sex Money KISS Audio CD. The new album has been produced by Jesse Damon, and the French Brothers….

Jesse made the following comment re his new deal that will keep him with Z Records for yet another album:

“It feels great to be in the company of so many talented bands and artists on this label, and with Z’s latest signings and releases, it’s very exciting to me to be launching a new CD!Can’t wait for Z Rock Liverpool!”

See ya there, Jesse Damon

SILENT RAGE LIVE INTERVIEW !Friday 28th May 2004 : 10pm to 11.15pm GMT (11pm to 0.15 am CET/5- 6.15pm EST ) In the S.I.Stud’s show this week there are interviews with JESSE DAMON & EJ CURSE,LEAD VOCALIST AND BASSIST OF SILENT RAGE. Check it out at

Courtesy of Z Records