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June 18, 2004

Dates to be Announced soon! First Round/Leg of (24) shows July/August 2004.

Former RATT singer and Bastards Tour founder and director Stephen Pearcy say’s,”The initial idea and concept for the “Bastards of Metal” Tour will not change.

I want to start small with a lot of bang for the buck with familier hard rock-metal and giving you an original new band. What I do expect to change are the bastards singers and artists from gold and platinum plus bands, not the word of agent(s) for said artists after confirmation at an important stage”. “Kevin (Dubrow) and Steven’s (Adlers) agent for the first round wanted to change the perspective of what the Bastards tour is all about before we had a date on paper, only on the table. There are plenty of bastards who we would have entertained more aggressively for the first round. This is not the OZZ fest yet (lol), step up or get the fu*k out of the way! It’s not about ego, double agents, marquee space, or selling yourself for pennies on the dollar just to gig”. I have patience and that’s what’s going to give the Bastards Tour it’s foundation and longevity. So already we (To Fuel Tours) have an idea of what we might be dealing with or we are dealing with. Commitment from management or agent doesn’t mean artists.

The Bastards of Metal Tour will have “Drop”, a new signed band out of Chicago opening the first Round/Leg as reported. Pearcy continues, “If some of these 80’s-90’s artists (bastards) we’ve approached in the last six (6) months had the drive and dream as a new band trying to break today, you might see better, bigger hard rock heavy metal shows and profits for promoter(s) and artists. Instead you have agents and artists thinking their past is still reallity. If your lucky enough to be classic rock you work with what you have, not had”. “We want bastards on the tour not bitches.”

New artists to be announced soon!

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