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July 19, 2004

Perris Records is proud to announce the release of the debut cd from BONED. “Up At The Crack” will be released in August 2004. BONED is a band based in England and their sound is in the classic AC/DC vein. “Up At The Crack” features 10 original tracks of in your face, Balls to the wall Rock & Roll! BONED were originally called AC/DD but changed their name because they didn’t want to be confused as an AC/DC tribute band. Tracks on their debut include: “Drain The Main Vein”, Ain’t No Talking With You Mouth Full”, “God Given’ Right To Rock & Roll”, “Loaded On Love”, “Tails Up Heads Down” & others.


Back in late 1979 an AC/DC fan in England grew tired of his younger brother’s more than obvious attempts to sneak a listen at his bedroom door to his favourite band. Reluctantly he offered the 11 year old a full blown full volume run through of ‘IF YOU WANT BLOOD YOU’VE GOT IT’. The youngster was overawed by the sound and, clasping the vinyl’s cover for the whole duration, was totally transfixed – not only by the blistering Rock and Roll, but by the two figures captured mid-action on the cover. One was dressed in a school boy outfit and looked to be painfully impaled on a guitar, the other who was seemingly underterred, was offering the school boy gladiator-style to the legions of lions surrounding the stage. The boy was hooked!

Frantically he began to search for more and more information about the band. Reviews, interviews and a whole back catalogue. As his passion grew, his brother’s interest in the band waned. Like thousands of others the boy was devastated, saddened and felt cheated when in February 1980 his new found hero BON SCOTT died.

At 13 he pleaded with his father to buy a battered old SG copy and formed a band. That year the school hall shook as his band kicked off the school concert with a raw rendition of ‘LIVE WIRE’.

At 14 his parents gave into the pressure and purchased the boy a ticket to the ‘FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK WE SALUTE YOU’ tour. That night at the gig the young boy’s life was changed forever.

At 15 and underaged, he was playing the local club circuit with his band paying homage to AC/DC.

Years on the band broke up. Musical styles had become the weapon of destruction. At 25 years of age he retired.

In 2003 he formed ‘BONED’ – 5 hard-core AC/DC fans, long enough in the the tooth to know that they wanted to play purely in the style of ‘THE THUNDER FROM DOWN-UNDER’ and to ignore the musical trends of the day.

Unlike other bands they didn’t want to cover what they saw as untouchable masterpieces. Instead they simply knew that they were going to create a totally original picture painted in the colours of AC/DC. Working from a blank canvas they have created ‘UP AT THE CRACK’. It captures the whole essence of what that 11 year old boy felt he would never hear again … totally new classic BON SCOTT era sounding AC/DC .

Prior to this album’s release and under the pseudonym of ‘AC/DD’ the band placed some of the finished tracks on the internet. The genuine reviews received by AC/DC fans were astonishing – here’s a taster of what people had to say …

‘Believe the hype this IS AC/DC’

‘The songs sound so true to the AC/DC style with lyrics that Bon could have been responsible for. The production is spot-on’.

‘If Bon were here today, this is how the band would sound’.

‘If you love AC/DC you’ll get chills’.

‘If AC/DC ever call it a day, these guys will have no problems in filling their boots…BRILLIANT’.

‘BON SCOTT has been re-incarnated’.

SOON YOU CAN DECIDE…”Up At The Crack” will be released in August 2004!

Courtesy of Perris