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August 3, 2004

Jon Mikl Thor the Power Rock Icon is continuing his blitz of the Summer.

To start off with, Thor was voted by England’s well respected Classic Rock UK by a panel of top journalists as one of the top 100 best frontmen of all time.No small feat, Thor defeated the likes of Courtney Love, Bret Michaels and Suzi Quatro. Other legends included Ozzy, Freddie Mercury, Steven Tyler and Jim Morrison. The winner was Bon Scott.

Currently Thor is starring in the action packed horror thriller “The Intercessor” which is being shot in Vancouver BC (Hollywood North) and London, Ontario.

Thor’s latest opus “Beastwomen From The Center Of The Earth” a team up Rock Odyssey with fantasy artist guitarist Mick Hoffman was in the top 5 most added to the US national Loud Radio Chart list and is getting rave reviews around the world.

Thor’s next CD has been recorded in Los Angeles this month and is being mixed in Hollywood by producers Frank Meyer and Bruce Duff for a soon to be announced upcoming release. With numerous upcoming films, soundtracks, albums coming up, Thor continues to Thunder On!

See The Lightning, Hear The Thunder!

Courtesy of Earsplit PR