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August 7, 2004

Speculation is running rampant that Chris and Rich Robinson may reform the Black Crowes, based on meetings the famously feuding brothers recently held with former Crowes manager Pete Angelus. In March at the Jammy Awards in New York, the siblings performed together for the first since the Crowes’ 20002 split.

Angelus had no comment on the possible reunion.

If the Crowes reunite, it is unknown which, if any, other former members may jump back on board. Crowes guitarist Audley Freed is now part of Chris Robinson’s band New Earth Mud, while Crowes keyboardist Eddie Harsch guests on Rich’s upcoming solo debut, “Paper,” due Aug. 24 via Key Hole Records. Late-era bassist Andy Hess is now a member of Gov’t Mule.

Rich told Billboard in 2003 that the Crowes were “in a severe state of limbo. We don’t have any plans to get back together and we don’t have any plans not to get back together. Nothing has changed in the past year [since the hiatus was announced].” He added that after a lifetime of bouncing ideas off his brother, he had no involvement whatsoever in Chris’ 2002 solo debut, “New Earth Mud.”

“I told him, make your solo record and make it completely solo,” he said. “Not being a d*ck, but it’s like, do it exactly how you want! I think he really needed to do it. He had been talking about it since [the Crowes’ 1994 album] ‘Amorica.'”

Jonathan Cohen courtesy of Billboard