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August 10, 2004

Well, well, well ….. …. my mom must be so proud. Welcome to my new home online!!

Come on in and make yourself comfortable, put you’re feet up and relax or just have a look around…but don’t touch anything…. you’ll put your eye out.

If your ever curious what’s going on in my little musical world this would be the place to find out.

Mr. Dan Friml (webmaster extraordinaire) has outdone himself with the site design so there will be lots to see.

Tons of stuff happening at the moment.. The new band is called Fair Ground (the name seems to change about every 5 minutes so don’t get to attached to it) although this one has been sticking around for a while. The line up is Mike Turner on guitar, Brad Stella on bass, Darren Shearer on drums and myself.

We are starting rehearsals and should be playing some shows around Toronto by mid to late August as well as re recording “Down in it” for North America and Europe as a band.

Harry and I are starting to throw some ideas around for the new Harem Scarem record which will hopefully be done by late fall.

Mike and I are also in the beginning stages of producing some new tunes with a band I’ve been working with for some time called One Short. We are quite excited about it!! The new stuff has a different feel and the band has really come into their own as performers and song writers, we can’t wait for you to hear it.

Well that’s all there is to report for the moment……

I’ll keep you posted and thanks for dropping by.

Much more to come.

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