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August 13, 2004

HI! It’s been a while!

We had a slight hardware problem with our web site a few months back and we thought now would be a good time to send out an email since we have so much new stuff going on and since the mailing list is working again!

First and foremost, we have to talk CD’s and merchandise because there is some new stuff to be had. Perris Records has re-issued Funny Money Back Again. It has been digitally re-mastered by mastering guru Rodney Mill of Journey/38 Special/Lynyrd Skynyrd fame. The re-issue includes five songs from our live album Even Better…Live! So that is 15 of your favorite FM songs on one CD with all new artwork and original credits. Get if from our merchandise page or where you can listen to samples before you buy. And if you don’t already have a copy of Skin to Skin pick that up as well. You can buy both CD’s at any FM show as well as our Skin to Skin album cover t-shirts. AND when you buy something from our fine merchandise people at one of our shows, you will get a free Funny Money vinyl sticker! Ev erybody likes free stuff right? Well in a few weeks, we’ll be adding FM temporary tattoos with an ultra cool design to our freebies when you buy any item – remember, at our shows only!

If you haven’t checked out our web site lately, take a look at our press pages. We always have a ton of media requests and we thought we’d setup a section of our website for press and media so people can find information about the band all in one place. You will find all the announcements regarding endorsements, a ton of interviews and some other interesting tidbits.

Speaking of endorsements – We’ve been lucky that a lot of people who work for various equipment manufacturers are hip to Funny Money and really dig our music when they hear it. Thanks to our relentless Artist Relations manager Craig Stegall, we have secured string endorsements with Dean Markley for Rob and Dean and DR Strings for Mark as well as a few other equipment manufacturers. Jimmy landed a drum endorsement with Maryland Drum Company and Vic Firth. Check out the press pages mentioned above for a complete list and links to our new partners.

We’ve been busy the last four months writing and demoing new material for the next record. We have 18 songs done and there are a few more in the pipeline. We should be ready to record starting at the end of October shooting for a spring of 2005 release. We’ve recorded some test sessions at the ol’ McMansion studio with Jimmy’s live drums and some very new recording gear, hoping to streamline the process once we get rolling. Results have been extraordinary so far.

If you are not a member of our message boards, sign up now! Look for the Register button at the top of the message board page. It’s a ton of fun and we all actively participate. We have some really great people on there who are rabid FM fans. We’ve all spent many a late night reading and responding to all the fun and entertaining topics. You might even run into somebody you know! Give it a shot – sign up and participate, it’s really a blast!

The response we’ve gotten from all the airplay on XM Radio’s The Boneyard has been really great. Even if you don’t have XM Radio, visit their web site and email in a request for any Funny Money song. Follow the link that reads “Request a Song”, that will take you to a form to fill out for your request.

If you have not seen the band with Jimmy and Rob yet, you are really missing out. We’ve really hit our stride and we rock better than ever. We’re tight, agressive and loud! And most importantly we’re all having the best time we’ve ever had playing music and it shows in our stage shows – come on out if you have not been in a while.

We have to assume everyone knows about the 4/5 KIX reunion shows in September. Check out the FM Show Schedule page for details.

That’s all the updates we have for now. Come and see us soon!

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