News Segment


August 21, 2004

Bang Tango will release their new cd,”Ready To Go” on Shrapnel Records on September 16. Bang Tango will have a pre-record release party Sept 2 at Club Vodka in Hollywood. Guitarist Alex Grossi, who is currently on the road with Bang Tango doing the Bad Boys Of Metal Tour says, “Anthony Focx produced it. He did a great job. We will be going to Japan first. Then we will be doing more shows with Steven Adler on the East Coast in October. There are so many things going on right now. We just want to get the record out there. We are probaly going to do a leg of the Bad Boys Tour in Europe too.”

Drummer Matt Starr says, ” “Alex and Joe are out doing the Bad Boys Tour right now. They will be selling the record on the road. There is alittle bit of the Bang Tango thing, ya know the funky style sound on the new cd. Some of the stuff sounds like when me, Curtis, Joe and Alex, got in a room and started writing. Mike Varney, of Shrapnel Records loved it. He was totally blown away.”