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September 3, 2004

Rock legend Slash is being immortalised…in plastic.

A toy company which has already made likenesses of stars like Ozzy Osbourne and Kiss is now working on a Slash doll.

His new band Velvet Revolver have just wrapped up a promo tour which took in Glasgow, Manchester and London last night. Slash even wore his Guns N Roses top hat at one point.

Radio 1 spoke to Slash backstage before the gig, it was dark, candles burning and lots of drapes but he never took off his shades and said he hasn’t seen his mini-me yet:

“It’s not an action figure, you know, I don’t have a Rambo thing going on, it’s a model of me playing guitar which is more or less based around a photo that was taken from a video and they’re just making a plastic thing out of it.”

“How does it feel? I don’t know man, I’ll know a little bit better when I actually see it, you know.”

Courtesy of BBC Radio 1