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September 10, 2004

Jesse Damon and his rock band from Southern California, have been rocking the music scene for the last 3 years. Influenced by such classic bands like KISS, Whitesnake, Cheap Trick, Def Leppard, and Foreigner, he brings a sound within his music that also fits today’s mold, and rivals the likes of the Goo Goo Dolls, Velvet Revolver, and Gin Blossoms of our time! This artist’s signature sound enables his listeners to here a rock blend of “Classic meet’s Modern.” Jesse Damon has been on the forefront of the melodic rock scene for two decades. In that time he has seen success with his other recording group Silent Rage, who have released three critically acclaimed albums, including the Gene Simmons produced “Don’t Touch Me There” (Simmons/RCA), a favorite on MTV’s Head Bangers Ball.

Jesse’s songwriting credits are impressive. He has co-written and developed songs that appear on the various KISS albums, most notably “Revenge,” and “Psycho Circus,” and his songs have also appeared on television and in major motion pictures. Jesse has earned his mark as a part of the KISS family, under the helm of Gene Simmons, and also a place as a Simmons/RCA Records alumnus. Z Records struck gold with the debut solo release of this South Bay based recording artist, He combined song writing talents with legendary KISS member Gene Simmons, and Producer Paul Sabu (Bowie, Shania Twain, The Motels) to create the highly anticipated 2003 album “The Hand That Rocks.” His debut solo album was packed full of high energy rock, and seasoned with intense melodic ballads. The album featured a rock anthem co-written by Gene Simmons and Jesse Damon called “Everybody Needs Somebody.”

Now, Jesse Damon is set for the release of his second solo album “Nothin’ Else Matters,” due out in September, from Z Records! Followers of the hard rock metal music scene know about Jesse Damon’s commitment to this genre, and he’s showing us that he’s still as rebellious as ever! His new CD will feature an array of melodic hard rock that’s armed to the teeth with some of his best work yet. Some of the stand out tracks include “Good Life, and Don’t You Know, and will include a new recorded version of the Gene Simmons written song “Your My Reason For Livin’,” from the Sex Money KISS Audio CD.This album is Produced by Jesse Damon, and the French Brothers… After months of recording his second solo album at Down To Hear Studio’s in Burbank, CA. and Groove Works Studio’s in Torrance, CA., the result has stirred up an industry buzz for Jesse’s next release, with anticipation to become one of 2004’s promising albums!!!


(Jesse Damon; Guitar and Vocals)
Jesse has been a singer, songwriter, and guitarist for the better part of two decades. Performing live on stage, recording, and songwriting have been Jesse’s legacy as a musician not only with Silent Rage but with such music legends and artists: KISS, Gene Simmons, Bob Ezrin, Paul Subu, Kevin Beamish, Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer, Doro Pesche, Randy Castillo, and has written and appeared on many CDs, including his own solo debut “The Hand That Rocks.” Most notably he received a Gold Album for his co-writing with Gene Simmons with the song “Thou Shalt Not,” off the 1992 KISS CD “Revenge.” Jesse’s vocals and guitar playing are a driving force in today’s music!

(Rodney Pino; Drums and Vocals)
Rodney’s strong drumming and vocal talent are his main contributions to this band. Also a Southern California native who grew up in the South Bay, he’s a veteran player with numerous gigs and performances under his belt. He was the Original drummer in (Love/Hate), and has played with many named artists in the Business! Rodney’s also an accomplished songwriter that sings, plays guitar, and fronts his own band in his spare time, while he’s not recording, or touring with Jesse Damon or Silent Rage!

(Troy Spiropoulas; Bass and Vocals)
Troy has played Bass and sang with this quartet for the past year and is the newest member of Jesse’s band. His presence on stage is intense, and strong to the viewers in the audience, and his vocals are right on. In the nineties, Troyplayed Bass in several band Projects, most recently a group called Pow Wow, of which they released a self titled CD in 2001. Troy’s bass playing has entertained audiences throughout the U.S., and continues towhew every crowd!

Courtesy of Z Records