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September 20, 2004

Original footage of a JIMI HENDRIX concert, thought to have been destroyed after broadcast, has been unearthed in Sweden.

The 56-minute recording of the concert in Stockholm from 1969, was found by technicians in the archives of public television channel SVT.

Part of the unmarked tape was broadcast on the channel in 1969, but the whole concert has never been shown on air.

The black and white footage was found as the station transferred their tape and film archives onto digital format.

SVT spokeswoman Catarina said: “They looked through the tape and found it had some Jimi Hendrix.

“Then they saw it had a lot of Jimi Hendrix – the entire concert, which is what makes this tape unique.”

The tape should have been destroyed after it was broadcast as raw footage was too expensive to keep in 1969. It is thought that a worker at the station hid the tape on the shelf where it remained for 35 years, reports the BBC.

SVT will find out shortly if they still have the rights to broadcast the footage, with Ms Wilson adding: “This is great material that we would love to show.”

Courtesy of NME