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September 30, 2004

Here is the promised follow up to our last blast. We are getting ever closer to beginning recording the new Funny Money CD. Some new equipment has been purchased for the McMansion studio – can you say analog? New mics to try to capture Jimmy’s drums as ambient as possible, some new stuff for recording the monster guitar sounds (nothing sounds like a 100 watt Marshall turned all the way up!) and some major improvements to the listening environment for mixing. Yes we are most definitely going to try to top “Skin to Skin” as best we can. We have to finalize arrangements on about 16-18 songs and then we’ll start recording them three or four at a time. It may take another month to finalize arrangements and then we’ll mic’em up and ROCK! Three or four songs is about all Jimmy and Mark can squeeze in recording drum tracks during one day, so the plan is to record as many good drum track keepers in a day as we can, and work them up to fi nish from there and then start on another three or four. How does that sound? We hope it sounds kickass! We are shooting for release sometime in the spring, maybe earlier but certainly not too much later than that.

Keep an eye out on the web site for the first edition of Mark’s as yet unnamed recording journal for the new record. Any suggestions for a name? Post it on our message boards. How about The O’Schenker Factor? The Schenker Files – The Truth is Out There . . . or maybe just plain old The Who Gives A Crap Column, or Column of Crap – got a visual on that last one?

Also, Mark and Rob (Mark plus Rob equals one webmaster) are working on a new Photo Gallery based on the Press Pages look. We have a ton of pics since Jimmy and Rob have joined, mostly from our good friend, the dedicated Kosta Tzamalis. We also have a bunch of pix from the recent KIX shows that we want to get up there too. (check out for recent KIX pix by Ronnie’s lovely wife Ines!) Please check our web site often for the Photo Gallery, it has proved in the past to be the most popular section of our web site and we are working hard to get it current for you.

Speaking of the KIX shows, see Mark’s brain dump for an insider’s take on the whole shebang – check it out in Dean’s Column and click on the KIX Shows ’04 links on the Archives menu to the left.

Dean is playing with a friend of his named Mark Curran. They are opening for former Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt. Nuno’s new band is called Population 1. Mark Curran and Dean will be playing with Population 1 on the following dates:

October 11 at Crash Mansion in New York City
October 13 at JAXX in Springfield, VA

Check out Mark Curran’s website for more information.

Keep and eye out for our friends The Blues Vultures featuring Ronnie Younkins and former Funny Money drummer Sam Stilwell. They are working on a new CD which should be released very soon.

Thanks to you all and again, if you can make it, we’d love to see you at The Zu on Saturday and the Jason Chalfant Memorial Jam on Sunday!

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