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October 28, 2004

METAL CHURCH touring now in support of the new album ‘The Weight Of The World’ through SPV Records, supported by Roadrunner metallers 3 INCHES OF BLOOD…

10/28/2004 Tailspin , Las Vegas, NV
10/29/2004 Burt’s Tiki Lounge , Salt Lake City, UT
10/30/2004 The Starlight , Ft. Collins, CO
10/31/2004 Whiskey Bill’s , Lakewood, CO
11/01/2004 Union Station , Colorado Springs, CO
11/03/2004 Hurricane, The , Kansas City
11/04/2004 The Green Door , Oklahoma City, OK
11/05/2004 Hairy Mary’s , Des Moines, IA
11/06/2004 Vnuk’s Lounge 5036 , Cudahy, WI
11/07/2004 Station , St. Paul, MN
11/10/2004 Mirage , Indianapolis, IN 46203
11/11/2004 Viele’s Planet , Springfield, IL
11/12/2004 Rockwell , Springfield, MO
11/13/2004 I-Rock Nightclub , Detroit, MI
11/14/2004 Token Lounge , Westland, MI
11/15/2004 House of Blues – Chicago , IL
11/16/2004 Sudsy Malone’s , Cincinnati, OH
11/17/2004 Peabody’s Downunder , Cleveland, OH 44115
11/19/2004 Jaxx , Springfield, VA 22152
11/20/2004 Thunderdome , Baltimore, MD
11/21/2004 Crazy Donkey , Farmingdale, NY
11/22/2004 Dingbatz , Clifton, NJ
11/23/2004 Chance , Poughkeepsie, NY
11/24/2004 The Icon , Buffalo, NY
11/26/2004 Cabbot Street , Chicopee, MA
11/27/2004 The Continental , New York, NY
11/28/2004 Fuel , Lowell, MA

Celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the release of the now classic self-titled first album, “Metal Church”, the band is back with a dose of new blood and hotter than ever. Spawned from the new wave of British heavy metal of the late 1970’s, the band was formed by Kurdt Vanderhoof and Kirk Arrington, and now includes the talents of another veteran of that era, Jay Reynolds formerly of Malice. The new lineup also includes notable Northwest talents, Ronny Munroe of Rottweiller on vocals and Steve Unger on bass.

Having had several band member changes over the years, this lineup is truly the most compelling to date. Delivering the goods with their new album “Weight Of The World”, which has been called by critics their best in years and a return to their metal roots, Metal Church are now leveling audiences in America and Europe alike. With a no-nonsense, supercharged live show and a new album that will kick you in the teeth, this looks to be the year that Metal Church will garner the respect and success they’ve long been due.

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