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November 5, 2004


Right now we are taking pre-orders for everyone not just USA, Canadian and Mexican fans. Prices are as follows:

Prices for the boxset including shipping and handling are as follows:

USA $100Australia $125Europe 75 EurosThe UK 50 Sterling Pounds”note” Australian fans will be able to purchase the boxset at the upcoming shows.

Emails will be sent out when the boxset becomes available for shipping!

Hello friends,

I have now put together a rather amazing release titled The Bootleg Series. This box set release features no less than 6CDs and covers a 10 year period in my life. I have reached back into my personal collection to put together a collection of rare tracks covering the years 1981 to 1991. This set features some truly amazing material for fans of White Lion and Mike Tramp.

You can only preorder the BOXSET by giving your name, e-mail address and country, by emailing

PLEASE NOTE – at this stage pre-orders are only being taken for the USA, Canada and Mexico. I am sorry for the confusion but everyone will have a chance to purchase a copy from the Trampshop when it opens very shortly.

This email address is only for the boxset! USA, Candian and Mexican fans, send your pre orders to Prices and further details will be posted on the message board soon.

I personally guarantee you will get your copy.



“The Bootleg Series”; track listing:

Disc 1 – Studs & Danish Lions, 1981 – 1982:
01. Rock You Tonight
02. She’s Gonna Rock You
03. Girl You Gave Yourself Too Fast
04. Lookin’ For A Feelin’
05. Take Me Home
06. The World Is Rockin’
07. We Will Make It Through
08. I’m Back Again
09. He’s Always Lonely
10. When Rock N Roll Was Born
11. Bring It Home
12. Running With Night
13. Brookly Boy
14. Deep In Love
15. El Salvador
16. When Rock N Roll Was Born
17. Take Me Home
18. How Does It Feel
19. You’re The Only Girl
20. Two People
21. Wild Boys
22. Bring It On Home

Disc 2 – White Lion Unreleased, 1983 – 1985:
01. Deep In Love With You
02. Two People
03. Rock You Tonight
04. Evil Angels
05. After A Broken Heart
06. How Does It Feel
07. Rock You Tonight
08. The Road To Valhalla
09. Wasted City
10. I’m On My Way
11. Tonight We’ll Change It
12. The Rock Is Falling
13. Ride Through The Storm
14. Rock To The Top
15. The Last Time
16. We Rock All Night
17. Early Warning

Disc 3 – Pride Take One, 1986 (the original first recording of “Pride”, before the band re-recorded it):
01. Hungry
02. Lonely Nights
03. Sweet Little Lovin’
04. Say Goodbye
05. Turn It Up
06. Wait
07. All Join Our Hands
08. Hungry
09. Lonely Nights
10. Sweet Little Lovin’
11. Say Goodbye
12. Lady Of The Valley
13. All Join Our Hands
14. Tell Me
15. Turn It Up
16. Wait
17. When The Children Cry

Disc 4 – Big Game Demos:
01. Goin’ Home Tonight
02. Baby Be Mine
03. Don’t Say It’s Over
04. Broken Home
05. If My Mind Is Evil
06. Cry For Freedom
07. Dirty Woman
08. Living On The Edge
09. Let’s Get Crazy
10. Little Fighter
11. Till Death Do Us Part
12. Cherokee (acoustic)
13. Cry For Freedom (acoustic)

Disc 5 – White Lion – Mane Attraction Start To Finish:
01. Time To Wonder
02. Back On The Street
03. Love Don’t Come Easy
04. Out With The Boys
05. She’s Got Everything
06. It’s Over
07. All That I Need
08. Broken Heart
09. Death Do Us Part
10. Leave Me Alone
11. Farewell To You
12. Lights And Thunder
13. Love Don’t Come Easy
14. Til Death To Us Apart
15. You’re All I Need
16. Like A Dog

Disc 6 – Mike & Oliver – Brothers For Life:
01. Get Out Of My Way
02. Ready To Go
03. Too Much To Drink
04. Real Life
05. Things Aren’t What They Are Used To Be
06. Flowers
07. If You Gonna Hurt Me
08. Taking Out My Old Guitar
09. Walking The Thin Line
10. I Will Fight No More
11. Disturbing The Peace
12. Show Me The Way To Heaven
13. Get Me Out Of Here
14. Words Don’t Count
15. One Love

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