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November 8, 2004

Hi everyone, this is Uncle Sid’s first official Hard Rock’n News Letter! First, we’d like to announce our new release “ROCK IN THE UNIVERSE”. We are inviting all of you to drop by our site where you can then have a listen and download our MP3 Phoenix Rising. All we ask, is that you “rate” Phoenix Rising by clicking one of the stars (1-5 Stars) under the heading “Rate this Band/Artist”; you can also leave your comments about the band and the song there as well. We have recently updated our web site with new reviews, pic’s, lyrics, links and there’s much more on the way, stay tuned. We’d appreciate if you could pass our site onto a friend or ten.

Be sure to drop by and have a look at our Forum and say Hi. If your in a band or know of a band with a web site, you can post it at the Forum as well and join the many bands there from around the World.

We are working on getting some shows happening and the first show supporting our CD “ROCK IN THE UNIVERSE” will take place at the Bell Performing Arts Centre ( We’ll let you know as soon as other dates are confirmed. We are ready to Rock and looking forward to getting our show on the Road’n Rock’n!

We’d like to thank everyone for your continued support and helping Independent Bands such as ourselves create our own music and destiny, again we thank you all! Please e-mail us with any comments or questions you have and we’ll be happy to respond to all of them. Keep Rock’n with Uncle Sid! More news and info from Uncle Sid coming soon, stay tuned. You can also own “ROCK IN THE UNIVERSE”, just go to Uncle Sid’s main site under (Shop) or have a look here Our CD will be in stores soon throughout Canada, distributed by PHD Canada. Buy one and help keep Rock’n Roll alive! + Good karma.

Rock On!

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