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November 13, 2004

Regarding incoming mail with questions about Chris Holmes:

“We know there are a lot of you wondering what happened to Chris. He had things going on that were keeping him tied down in Los Angeles and things weren’t working out with other band members, so anyway, Chris is back in L.A.

We wish him nothing but the best, but the bands got to keep moving forward. We think your going to like the new stuff – I know we do!

So heres a salute to Chris and let’s keep rockin’!”

As an opening “gift” to you all; here’s two roughly mixed teasers from the upcoming Animal album. Play loud as f**k!

The band is hard at work in the studio recording songs as Animal In Me, In The Mirror, Eye Of The Storm, HellChild and other titels. The sound is more melodic but still raw and nasty.

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