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November 13, 2004

NEW YORK – In September of 2004, the world of metal was shocked when the news was unveiled that Lemmy, Motorhead’s veteran front man, had sustained an injury to his foot severe enough to cause the band to cancel their much anticipated tour of the United States. Lemmy had managed to get an infection on his foot from an injury sustained on an earlier show. Ignoring doctors’ orders, Lemmy forged ahead and finished the highly successful string of European festival dates.

“Motorhead fans are the best fans in the world and they deserve everything I have to give,” Lemmy waxed, “and I am going to do whatever I can to play the shows. F**k the doctors!” The band went on to play to thousands of fans, bring classics and new songs alike to the hungry metal heads!

The shows were a success, but the infection in Lemmy’s foot grew to the point that some serious medical decisions had to be made. On the eve of the band’s much anticipated US tour, doctors advised Lemmy that the infection was so severe that they suggested amputating a part of his foot to stem the spread. Lemmy told the doctors where they could stick their diagnosis and decided to head back to his native home of England and consult his physicians there. They suggested that the best course of action would be to address the infection with a regimen of antibiotics. The cure worked and less than two weeks later Lemmy was out of the hospital, in one piece and as fit as a fiddle, fitted with steel strings. It wasn’t long before Lemmy was back to his old self, checking out his favorite London strip club String Fellows with a girl on each arm and plenty of Jack & Coke to make the evening complete.

Given a clean bill of health from all of his physicians, Lemmy, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee decided to go ahead with their European tour plans. Motorhead kicks off the sold-out tour on November 4th in Dublin, Ireland. Dates continue throughout Europe and Scandinavia until the tour wraps up in Stockholm, Sweden, on December 19th.

As for the US tour? Plans are under way for Motorhead to take their spectacular road show to the US in March of 2005 to support their newest record ‘Inferno.’

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