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November 28, 2004

Rocker TOMMY LEE has sparked controversy at the University of Nebraska because many students and professors don’t like the idea of the hellraiser filming a reality show there.

The former MOTLEY CRUE star has been studying at the university for the past two months, as part of a quirky reality project.

But it seems the longer Lee is a ‘student’ in Nebraska, the more people are upset by his presence.

Chemistry professor GERRY HARBISON is leading a group of scholars who oppose Lee’s reality project. He insists the rocker should never have been allowed on campus because his past criminal record doesn’t make him a suitable visitor.

Harbison says, “There are far better ways we could present ourselves than to put us in a scenario with an aging rock and roller.”

But university spokesman DAVE FITZGIBBON insists the majority of students and professors are thrilled at the prospect of their university being featured in a new TV show.

He states, “Certainly Tommy Lee’s past behaviour is not a model for our students, but I think the message that he’s seeking redemption through higher education is something the university is about. He’s with a crew of 20 to 30 people all the time. It’s NBC and they’re not going to portray anything on television that’s too outlandish.”

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