Next edition of RockNPod to take place in spring 2023

Next edition of RockNPod to take place in spring 2023

The fifth edition of the RockNPod Expo will not be taking place in 2022 after all but rather in the spring of 2023.

Some might ask what is RockNPod? Nashville Rocknpod Expo‘s website indicates: “ROCKNPOD is a unique annual event bringing together rock fans, artists, podcasters, and vendors for events that celebrate the past, promote the present, and look to the future. Rock is NOT dead and ROCKNPOD is an annual reminder of that!”

The following message was posted on Nashville Rocknpod Expo 2022‘s Facebook page earlier today:


Hello everyone. We wanted to bring everyone up to speed and let you know what’s going on as a number of you have been asking for information about this year’s event.

ROCKNPOD will be happening in Spring of 2023; most likely around April or May.

There were a number of factors involved in this decision and it wasn’t made lightly.

In order to continue to raise the bar and make ROCKNPOD what it can be, we’ve pushed plans to next Spring. This will allow us more time to make ROCKNPOD everything you’ve come to expect and more.

Please check back here regularly for announcements as we make them over time. We appreciate each and everyone of you for the support you’ve given us over the years and look forward to making 2023 the best event yet as we make more memories. Thanks!

ROCKNPOD management team”