NightStrike To Celebrate Release Of First Concert DVD


March 19, 2008

The reunited rock act NightStrike is releasing their first Concert DVD, “Coming Home Alive”. To celebrate, the group will be performing Friday March 28th at The Matrixx in downtown Marquette . NightStrike are scheduled to hit the stage at 9PM. After reuniting in 2004, influential Independent rock group NightStrike completed work on their first album in over eight years, “One Hit to the Heart”. That release was met with both fan and critical acclaim, garnering sales all around the world. The title track first single recently hit the top of the 80’s Metal charts on “We were hopeful that NightStrike’s “melodic hard rock” sound would be accepted in the Midwest, which it has, but were pleasantly surprised to have found a worldwide audience as well,” said Lead Singer Rory Fiszer. The group has sold CD’s in Germany, Italy, Japan, Puerto Rico, Denmark and the United Kingdom to name but a few.

NightStrike promoted that album by playing to thousands of fans at Festival, Fair, Theater, Casino and select club dates on their successful “One Hit Tour 06/07”. The concert DVD, “Coming Home Alive”, captures the group during their triumphant homecoming performance at the Ontonagon Theater of Performing Arts. The band performed all of their best known tracks including, “End of My Existence”, “You and Me”, “Go-Go Girl” and “Train of Love”. The group also paid tribute to a fallen friend (James “Bucket” Koski) during a blazing rendition of Bob Dylan’s classic, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”. Audio tracks from the forthcoming DVD can now be heard at the NightStrike MySpace page (NightStrike Nation), and will also be available for download at iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3 and more. A preview of the DVD can be seen at:

After more than a year in production, the band is finally letting fans in on the excitement and giving them a chance to see what all the fuss has been about. The DVD will be released to the public on Friday March 28th. NightStrike music is available at Holiday Station stores,, and other fine local music retailers.

With the popular resurgence of straight ahead rock music from the 80’s and early 90’s things have come full circle for bands like NightStrike. The band has returned after nearly a decade apart and is more popular than ever before. After suffering through the uninspiring Grunge and Rap-Rock movements of the mid and late 90’s, not to mention thesobering moments of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, music fans are once again searching for escapism. “People want to have a great time at a show and forget all of their worldly cares and concerns for a few hours. Going to a rock show is all about having fun and letting go! That is exactly what NightStrike is all about.” said Lead guitarist Kevin Johnson.


NightStrike was founded in January of 1988 by Lead Singer/Guitarist Rory Fiszer and Drummer Sam Bennett in Ontonagon, MI. They went on to record and release three albums worth of original music between 1991 and 1997. One part Kiss, one part LA sleaze and a whole lot of Midwestern grit, the hard driving, hard working NightStrike carved out a niche’ for themselves on the fledgling Independent music scene of the late 80’s. Although limited in commercial release, NightStrike’s albums were circulated on the underground tape trading circuits of the era. On August 28th of 2004, the stars lined up for an historic reunion of NightStrike’s venerable lineup. It was the first time all four members had been in the same room together, let alone performed in front of a live audience in almost a decade! The capacity crowd was out of control as they welcomed their hometown boys back to the stage! The members launched into an unrehearsed set of favorites. Realizing something special was happening, they re-grouped and recorded a comeback studio album, “One Hit to the Heart”. They have continued to record and tour ever since.

Rory Fiszer: Lead Vocals and Guitar
Kevin Johnson: Lead Guitar and Vocals
Jeremy Dishaw: Bass and Vocals
Sam Bennett: Drums and Vocals

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