Nikki Sixx And Donna D’Errico Reach Settlement On Divorce


November 29, 2007

Model/actress Donna D’Errico and Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx reached a settlement Wednesday on the division of assets in their divorce, bringing an end to a bitter trial.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Thomas Trent Lewis signed a judgment making the settlement terms official, although details of the accord — other than that both sides agreed to waive spousal support — were not made public.

“I’m glad to have it over,” D’Errico said as she left the courtroom.

Sixx, smiling as he walked out of the downtown courthouse, said, “I think it’s a beautiful day.”

When asked for his reaction to the settlement, he replied, “I had a nice Thanksgiving. I ate too much.”

The case was punctuated with drama, including D’Errico’s collapse several weeks ago in a courthouse restroom, which prompted a response by paramedics. The 39-year-old former “Baywatch” actress and onetime Playboy Playmate later said she had breathing difficulties due to asthmatic bronchitis aggravated by a recent wildfire near her Malibu home.

Lawyers for Sixx suggested D’Errico’s problems were in response to Lewis’ denial of her request for a delay in the trial so she could rest her voice and hire a new lawyer.

She had fired the attorney who had represented her when the trial began in late September, and proceedings were also delayed for more than a month to accommodate the schedules of the two entertainers.

She was still without a lawyer when she appeared in court Monday, and Lewis delayed the trial until Wednesday because another wildfire in Malibu over the weekend forced D’Errico to evacuate, leaving her without her case files.

She also was representing herself Wednesday when she told Lewis she agreed to the settlement terms.

When Sixx testified during the early stages of the non-jury trial, he claimed he was told by a woman backstage during a Motley Crue concert that his wife had worked as a prostitute in Las Vegas, causing him to start “freaking out.”

His remarks were repudiated outside the courtroom by D’Errico’s lawyer at the time.

Amid Wednesday’s improved atmosphere of cooperation between the former couple, the judge praised both for reaching the agreement and described them as “very talented people.”

“I’m glad you have settled this case,” Lewis said. “I hope you will take your creative energies and apply them to things other than litigation.”

D’Errico said she recently finished filming a movie and is in post-production on another, both co-starring Andie McDowell.

D’Errico and Sixx, whose 10-year marriage officially ended in June, have already settled custody issues concerning their 6-year-old daughter.

She also has a 14-year-old son from an earlier relationship, and he has three other children with ex-wife Brandi Brandt.

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