Nikki Sixx has harsh words for Steel Panther frontman Michael Starr after latter “insults” Vince Neil

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Nikki Sixx has harsh words for Steel Panther frontman Michael Starr after latter “insults” Vince Neil

Certain members of Mötley Crüe continue to butt heads with comedy glam metal rockers Steel Panther and seemingly fail to find any humour in what Steel Panther are doing.

In a recent interview with Elliot of Little Punk People, Steel Panther frontman Michael Starr and drummer Stix Zadinia were asked which musician they would bring back from the dead to which each replied (as indicated by Metal Injection):

Stix replied: “Okay, I’m gonna pick a singer, but it’s not to replace you [Michael]. You know who I’d bring back from the dead? Ray Gillen. You didn’t expect that? He was the singer for Badlands [died in 1993 at age 34].

Michael Starr said: “I’d bring back Vince Neil,” to which Stix replied: “He’s not dead.”

Michael: “I’d bring back the Vince Neil from back in the day because that guy is dead.””

Apparently, Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx took exception with Starr’s comments as he tweeted the following message last night:

“The singer in steal panther can go fück himself… wanna be band putting down @thevinceneil?”

Sixx later also tweeted: “That’s why they are assholes. Backstabbers.”

It’s no secret that Neil is not at the top of his game vocally and fitness wise in the latter stages of his musical career. Sleaze Roxx ranked Neil‘s performance overall at #17 out of 21 acts at the M3 Rock Festival in Columbia, Maryland, USA last May with the following comments:

Vince can hardly sing anymore but he’s the only Mötley Crüe member playing those songs live.”

“Only “slightly” better than Bang Tango. “Singing” is just something Vince Neil doesn’t do anymore.”

“Singer used to kill.”

Neil sticks to mostly faithful renditions of Mötley Crüe songs while “working” the stage quite well.”

During an interview with Music Life Magazine back in late 2017, Zadinia explained how not everyone has been fun and accommodating to the band.

Zadinia stated: “Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx did not like it when we went on tour with them in 2011. And that was the only time that we really felt unwelcome. The thing with those guys is I think they thought we were actually making fun of them directly. And I just gotta chalk that up to their egos being too big, because nothing that we do has anything to do with them directly. But we ended up doing the tour and it went off great and everything was totally fine… Leppard was fully supportive of it. They were amazing dudes and I am not kidding you that on the first day of the tour they knew every single one of our names. And when you’re Def Leppard you don’t have to do that. It’s just a testament to the kind of dudes those guys are, all of them. They and their crew were very, very generous. And I think we’re very accepted now. I mean, Judas Priest took us on tour with them and now we’re out with Stone Sour, which is a heavy band that is taken pretty seriously. We have worked to become sort of a rock and roll staple. Corey is a huge fan and all those guys in Stone Sour are super cool. If a dude like Corey Taylor, who is in Slipknot and Stone Sourcan appreciate what Steel Panther does, then I think even the most hardcore metal fan should at least give it a shot. We may not be your cup of tea, but you can’t just write us off before you’ve given us a fair shake.”

Back on April 2, 2011, Neil made a guest appearance at a Steel Panther concert at the Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nevada, USA (see video footage below) where Starr and guitarist Satchel had very nice things to say about Mötley Crüe as Starr first told the audience: “I got to tell you. One of my favorite bands growing up was Led Zeppelin but when Mötley Crüe came out…”. Satchel then interrupted and stated: “I know what you mean. It was still Led Zeppelin but Mötley Crüe, they became the second greatest band of all fuckin’ time dude!”

Steel Panther with Vince Neil performing “Live Wire” and “Kickstart My Heart” live at Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nevada, USA on April 2, 2011:

Steel Panther with Vince Neil

Steel Panther with Vince Neil