Nikki Sixx Hits 50th Affiliate Mark With Sixx Sense Radio Show

Nikki Sixx Hits 50th Affiliate Mark With Sixx Sense Radio Show

November 23, 2010

Benjy Eisen of reports: Nikki Sixx has cause for celebration this month but it’s not a new platinum record or Top Ten hit. Instead, Motley Crue’s bad-boy bassist gets to celebrate his radio show hitting the 50th affiliate mark — a feat which, by broadcasting standards, represents a certain milestone. Indeed, akin to receiving a platinum record, the accomplishment punctuates the fact that his radio show, ‘Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx,’ is a success — officially.

“Radio has always been such an important part of my life, whether as a musician or a fan, and to be able to do this every day has been a dream come true,” Sixx tells Spinner. “And to think, we’re just getting started…”

The show — which launched in February and which you can listen to online via iheartradio — is quickly becoming a place where those who run in Sixx’ circle go to discuss life, the universe and their latest albums. Recent guests have included Ozzy Osbourne, Slash and Dave Grohl. Think of it as Howard Stern meets Headbangers Ball. As for what’s going to happen to the show when Motley Crue goes on the road… we’re guessing that getting Bret Michaels to sub is out of the question.

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