Nikki Sixx, “I’ve Personally Been Writing My Ass Off For Months Now”

Nikki Sixx, “I’ve Personally Been Writing My Ass Off For Months Now”

November 25, 2012

Nikki Sixx, Recently completing a 45 show US summer tour with KISS hasn’t slowed down Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx. The bassist took to Facebook to say, “So glad we recorded the new Motley Crue track “Sex” and actually got it out in time for the last tour for you to hear live. Obviously there is much more to come (as always). Mick Mars told me he has so many riffs ready to go too… But “Sex” was just a taste of some ‘New Crue’. I’ve personally been writing my ass off for months now. Feeling really inspired to follow it up with the rest of the songs from the band too.”

New Motley Crue music isn’t the only thing Nikki Sixx is currently working on. A stage show based on his memoir ‘The Heroin Diaries’ is also underway. Sixx recently announced the news by saying, “I’ve been getting asked this a lot lately… The answer is: Yes, ‘The Heroin Diaries’ book is being turned into a broadway play.”

Motley Crue is also joining KISS and Thin Lizzy as they tour Australia in March. Presented by McManus Entertainment, the summer’s biggest, baddest rock tour will hit Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Mackay and Adelaide.

Motley Crue recently become the first rock band in history to play an epic sold-out Las Vegas residency at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The band is best known for continuing to reinvent not only their live show (with mind blowing elements such as Tommy Lee’s 360 drum roller coaster) and music, but remain on the cutting edge via social media interaction. Motley Crue’s New York Times bestselling book The Dirt is currently being adapted into a major motion picture.

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