Nikki Sixx Won’t Talk To Gene Simmons


November 1, 2007

Ozzy Osbourne has lashed out at illegal downloaders, blaming them for the poor sales of his new album Black Rain. The heavy rock icon claims he is “suffering terribly” from the effects of internet piracy, and his financial woes are such that he has been forced to perform 90 concerts in an effort to recoup his losses.

He tells Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper, “If they don’t find something to stop (this), people won’t be able to make records. There won’t be any new bands. How are they going to survive?”

Osbourne admits he’s struggling to complete a grueling world tour he felt committed to after his new release took a hit in the record stores.

And he refuses to heed his manager/wife Sharon’s advice and “just stand there” onstage.

He adds, “I ain’t getting any younger. Sharon says to me ‘Just stand there.’ I can’t just f—ing stand there! I’m a moving target. People would aim their can of beer at my head!”

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