Nikki Sixx Working On Second Sixx: A.M. Album


February 20, 2009

Nikki Sixx is currently on the road with Motley Crue, but the bassist and songwriter is also keeping busy with his other major musical outlet. Sixx is working on the second album from Sixx A.M., the project he started last year whose debut disc acted as a “soundtrack” to Sixx’s memoir, The Heroin Diaries. Sixx revealed that the second Sixx A.M. effort is also a concept album, but that’s about as far as he would go: “I can’t really tell you what the concept is, because I think I’d just be kind of blowing the surprise, like telling what you’re getting for Christmas before it comes. But it’s gonna be a pretty powerful record. You know, sonically it does fall in line with the Heroin Diaries record, but I think we’re stretching out in certain ways where we can take in other styles of music and expand upon them.”

Sixx’s partners in Sixx A.M. are James Michael and DJ Ashba.

Although Sixx A.M. was initially just a studio project, a touring lineup did go on the road last summer as part of the first Cruefest package,

Sixx A.M.’s debut featured the hit “Life Is Beautiful.”

Motley Crue is touring with support from Hinder and Theory Of A Deadman and plays on Saturday (February 21st) in Nashville. The lineup of the second Cruefest will be announced on March 16th in New York City.

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