Nikki Sixx’s Dressing Room Goes Up In Smoke


October 7, 2008

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee posted the following message at

Wow!! 1st day back on Crue tour after a nice 30 day break from Cruefest!! We started up in Guadalajara on my Bday Oct.3rd!! ….hahaha what a night ….Mariachi players, Mermaid pinata’s and our first Crue show in Guadalajara!!!

Well into the second song I smell fire!! ….I’m thinking, oh must be the new smoke machines?? ….whatever?! And then I’m like wait a minute!!…that’s a f$cking FIRE I smell!! ….soooo come to find out Nikki’s dressing room is in a full on blaze and mine’s next door! You know sh*t is crazy when you see your tour manager and security runnin around like its a riot! …haha!

Well not so funny now cause its really happening and they’re pullin personal items outta my room dodging flames n smoke cause Nikki’s room is torched!! So sad he lost EVERYTHING but his passport, and a few credit cards!!! Cams. computer, cell phone, wardrobe, etc!!

Here’s a few pics (at along with Bday shots and new recording studio pics for fun! WOW what a Bday!! RED HOT!!

Nikki Sixx's Dressing Room Goes Up In Smoke

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