Nitro singer Jim Gillette provides three pieces of advice to ex-wife Lita Ford

Nitro singer Jim Gillette provides three pieces of advice to ex-wife Lita Ford 

Nitro frontman Jim Gillette was recently interviewed by Metal Sludge and asked what he would tell his ex-wife Lita Ford if he could tell her three things.

Gillette stated: “1 Accept responsibility and beg for our children’s forgiveness.

2 Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.

3 Being bipolar is nothing to be ashamed of. There are many treatment options available.”

In terms of why 2017 is the right time for Nitro to make a new record, Gillette advised: “Right time, wrong time… Who knows? Mike reached out to me and I eagerly jumped back in. It was the right time for Mike and me. We never made an album that was anywhere near what was in our hearts. This time is different. We’re doing it our way and on our terms.”

Nitro recently released a funny video promoting themselves to which Gillette stated: “It was a group effort. I’m happy to get a laugh out of people – even at my expense. I see a lot of bands from the past pretending… Desperately denying that they were a “Hair Band”. Don’t they realize a quick Google search proves them wrong? We’re musicians not world leaders – relax!”

You can read the rest of the interview with Gillette at Metal Sludge.

Nitro‘s promotional 2017 video:

NITRO | Nitro Metal Band | Chris Adler | Jim Gillette | Michael Angelo Batio

Nitro | NItro band | Nitro metal band Indiegogo Campaign Click Here This video can adequately be described as “purposely satirical” and a “Spinal Tapish” way of weaving NITRO’s (glamorous) history into what’s going on currently with the band. TIM MACMILLAR and LUKE HOSKIN from PROTEST THE HERO make guest appearances in the film and hilarity ensues.