NitroVille release video for new single “No Game of Chance”

NitroVille release video for new single “No Game of Chance”

Photo courtesy of NitroVille

UK’s NitroVille have just dropped a video for their first single “No Game of Chance” from the band’s forthcoming third album, Ten Chapters. No release date for the album has been finalized as of today.

According to an email from the band:

“The song has been a live number for quite some time, but has never been released until now. It was written on acoustic guitar whilst touring acoustically. It was later arranged as a studio and electric live number. The acoustic roots are still traceable in the song’s bluegrass element.

A grinding and punching road movie style Southern hard rock piece – dark and atmospheric. Crunching guitars blend with bluegrass elements and Kurt-Michael‘s banjo, whilst Tola Lamont delivers a tongue-in-cheek story of a road heroine who’d better be left in peace! Presented with the off-the-beaten-track steampunk grit and trademark style of NitroVille. Natural Born Killers meets Supervixen meets bluegrass meets hard rock.”

NitroVille was founded by vocalist, Tola Lamont and guitarist, Kurt Michael. In 2016, NitroVille released their album ‘Cheating The Hangman’ with Scandinavia’s biggest rock & metal label, Mighty Music. NitroVille quickly drew the attention of the international press which commented on the band’s rock solid musicianship and song writing, powerful vocals of front woman Tola Lamont and lead guitarist Kurt Michael’s heavy grooving guitar riffing.

NitroVille – No Game of Chance (Official Video)

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