NitroVille unleash video for new single “Cuts To The Bone”

NitroVille unleash video for new single “Cuts To The Bone”

UK rockers NitroVille featuring lead vocalist Tola Lamont and guitarist Kurt Michael have unveiled a video for their new single “Cuts To The Bone.”

NitroVille‘s press release indicates: “This latest electric-acoustic single video release is a smouldering type of track, building as it moves along with wailing slide leads, banjo and 12-string guitars, leading into spacious riffs, big chorus lines and atmospheric instrumental parts.

A sonic arrangement evoking road movie images of open landscapes, foreboding skies and infinte space. It delivers one of the best vocal performances from power singer Tola Lamont and it  was written and composed by her and the other leading founding member of the band lead guitarist and producer Kurt Michael. ‘Cuts To The Bone’ shows the band’s musical and instrumental versatility and demonstrates that many Nitroville songs are written and composed on an acoustic guitar before expanding into fully instrumentalised, intricate arrangements and delivered in a cinematic soundscape.

As with many of tracks in NitroVille’s live set, you will discover the intriguing blend of crunching vintage Marshall-amped guitar riffs and the wooden charm of  bluegrass Americana.

‘Cuts To The Bone’ will be live-premiered at upcoming festivals such as Maid of Stone, Kent with headliners Airbourne, 23rd of July 2023 and Hard Rock Hell in Gt Yarmouth later this year.”

NitroVille‘s “Cuts To The Bone” video: