No bad blood between Crazy Lixx and former members

No bad blood between Crazy Lixx and former members

Crazy Lixx drummer Joél Cirera and bassist Jens Sjöholm were recently interviewed by Italy’s Long Live Rock N Roll who pointed out that unluckily, Crazy Lixx‘s line-up has always changed from one album to another and the band has also helped to launch the careers of Vic Zino (now in Hardcore Superstar) and Andreas Eriksson (now in Inglorious). Cirera and Sjöholm were asked how hard was it to start all over again with every new album and whether they are still in contact and have good relationships with all their former members.

Cirera replied as follows: “Of course it has its positives and negatives when it comes to line-up changes. It was very hard on us when both Andreas Eriksson and Edd Liam left and we were very close to call it quitsJens Lundgren had already filled in on two shows and we more or less had him in our minds when it came to fill up the first guitar spot; and if we hadn’t had him already in our minds, I think we probably wouldn’t be here today. When it comes to contact with the boys it differs: we don’t call each other up and talk on a weekly basis, but whenever we meet it´s never any bad blood. Andy was actually on our release party for the album and we hugged and talked for a bit so the relationships are cool.”

In terms of whether it was intentional or not for Crazy Lixx‘s new studio album Ruff Justice to have an ’80s sound and spirit with all the great hooks and big chorus, Cirera stated: “It was very intentional! We talked a lot about what is Crazy Lixx and the things that defined our sound. “New Religion” is always the album that our fans talk about and when Danny wrote the songs for the “Friday the 13th” videogame we felt that was the right way to go. Those songs are a little bit darker than our previous ones but they got the feel and the vibe of what we wanted to do and when the rest of the album was on the table we looked for songs that would fill it with tracks that were 80s influenced but also varied in style, since we have always been about that. You have the harder and darker songs like “XIII” and “Kiss Of Judas”, but also the more mellow and “lighter” songs like “Walk The Wire”: so it´s a little bit for everybody that likes this kind of music.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Crazy Lixx drummer Joél Cirera and bassist Jens Sjöholm at Long Live Rock N Roll.

Crazy Lixx‘s “Wild Child” video:

Crazy Lixx – “Wild Child” (Official Music Video)

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