None of the Roxy Blue members wanted to do ‘Want Some #2’ 27 years later

None of the Roxy Blue members wanted to do ‘Want Some #2’ 27 years later

Roxy Blue frontman Todd Poole was interviewed last month by Mark Rockpit for The Rockpit.

Rockpit noted that Roxy Blue‘s recently released new self-titled album doesn’t try to recapture the past but rather builds on it. Poole indicated: “Yeah man, I mean the thing is I didn’t want to rehash the past, none of us wanted to make ‘Want Some #2.’ But it’s been twenty seven years so I wanted to write about what we’ve lived and learned and everybody’s lost and loved – there’s just a lot to life. Life has a way of slapping you in the face and I tried to put that on the record. So I just don’t think it would have been real man if I’d just gone back and tried to write the extension of that first album, it wouldn’t have been from the heart and I wouldn’t have felt great about it. And that’s not to say I didn’t like that record, back then it was just sex, drugs and rock and roll and now I have a family so there’s things a little deeper to write about.”

Back in 2012, FnA Records released three Roxy Blue albums — ‘Want Some More’, ‘Stripped’ and a live album. Poole stated as follows about those albums: “Yeah, we weren’t even a band at that time, Scotty and I got together and we were approached – they wanted to give us some money to put out some stuff, so we got an opportunity to dig out some stuff. It was weird – we had some cassettes of songs, and they wanted three records worth so we had to go back in and make it sound OK, some of the quality was pretty bad on some of that stuff as the tapes were deteriorating so we had some work to make them sound right. But it was a fun process just to go back and think “Wow I forgot all about that song.” So it was fun for a minute but I think for really avid Roxy Blue fans it’s a good pick up just to get those records just to have them.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Todd Poole at The Rockpit‘s website.

Roxy Blue‘s “Rob The Cradle” video (from album Want Some?):

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