North American premiere of The Cruel Intentions’ video for “Weekend Suffering”

North American premiere of The Cruel Intentions’ video for “Weekend Suffering”

Sleaze Roxx is pleased to host the North American premiere of The Cruel Intentions‘ video for their song “Weekend Suffering” from the group’s debut album No Sign Of Relief, which was released via Indie Recordings back on September 21, 2018.

Indie Recordings‘ press release states:

“With over 1 million streams on Spotify for their first few self-released singles and the international recognition for their insanely intense live shows, The Cruel Intentions present a unique blend and a modern day Guns N’ Roses meets Sex Pistols meets Buckcherry style. The Cruel Intentions was founded in the wake of 2015, by Mats WernersonLizzy DeVine, Kristian Solhaug and Eiliv Sagrusten, whereas Eiliv has been replaced as a drummer, by Robin Nilsson. All of the members have been involved with different bands previously. Notably, Lizzy DeVine lived several years in Los Angeles where he was the singer and songwriter of Vains of Jenna, a band that got their breakthrough with performances in the movies Jackass/Viva La Bam/Kat Von Dee’s LA Ink, together with touring multiple times throughout the States. He takes with him the atmosphere from his experiences, and blends it into a nuance of the no-fucks-given culture from that American era.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of The Cruel Intentions’ debut album No Sign Of Relief: “In listening to No Sign of Relief, it completely takes me back to where Vains of Jenna seemingly left off on 2006’s Lit Up/Let Down. A total ‘wow’ factor is in order here as DeVine leads his new band back to what I can best describe as a modern sleaze-punk sound complete with a Sex Pistols riff on Genie’s Got A Problem as DeVine shouts “Genie’s gettin’ louder, pukin’ in the shower, A little bit of that, A little bit of this, Daddy’s little girl is a rock and roll bitch.” DeVine is back in a big way and his band The Cruel Intentions hailing from Oslo, Norway is set to take the sleaze rock genre to (hopefully) some new heights.” Sleaze Roxx concluded in its review: “No Sign Of Relief is a tremendous contribution to the sleaze genre and I think I can safely say for the majority of Sleaze Roxx readers, that we’re ecstatic to have Lizzy DeVine back.”

The Cruel Intentions‘ “Weekend Suffering” video:

THE CRUEL INTENTIONS – Weekend Suffering (Official Music Video)

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