Norway based sleaze rockers Suicide Bombers looking for new guitarist

Norway based sleaze rockers Suicide Bombers looking for a new guitarist

The Suicide Bombers have announced that their long-time guitarist Lazy Leather has left the band and they are now publicly looking for a replacement.

Leather played on all of Suicide Bombers‘ albums to date: Criminal Record (2012), The Sex Tapes (2014) and Suicide Idols (2017).

The following message was posted on the Suicide Bombers‘ Facebook page earlier today:


Sex Gunslinger, Lazy Leather, quit a few months back due to personal reasons. We all agree that he made the right decision and we finished the album and the booked tour together after he left, so there are certainly no hard feelings.

We’d like to thank Lazy for all he has done for the band and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

SUiCiDE BOMBERS are currently looking for a new lead guitarist with chops, flash, attitude and image. Please get in touch if you are one, or know one and share the hell out of this post

…over & motherfucking out!”

Sleaze Roxx recently interviewed the Suicide Bombers‘ frontman Chris Damien Doll where he first publicly announced Leather‘s departure.

Suicide Bombers‘ “Suicide Idol” song:


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