Novakain unveil video filmed by Frank Hannon for track “I Don’t Care”

Novakain unveil video filmed by Frank Hannon for track “I Don’t Care”

Novakain consisting of lead vocalist / guitarist Dylan Kain, guitarist Kyle Kain and drummer John Bereuter have unveiled a video for their track “I Don’t Care” from their album The Oh No! Unknown, which was released back on June 24, 2022. The video was filmed by none other than Tesla‘s long-time guitarist Frank Hannon.

The following message was posted on Novakain‘s Facebook page on August 3, 2023:

“Okay long post…so the last couple of months have been pretty damn awesome! The night we opened up for Frank Hannon at Big Rob‘s we met him in the parking lot and he signed some stuff for us. He was super cool and easy to talk to, so I was like what the hell I’ll give him a copy of our album “The Oh No! Unknown”. I wasn’t sure if he would check it out but I thought it wouldn’t hurt.

He ripped it up that night and it was really cool seeing him in a small venue and being able to chat it up with him.

So then like 5 days later he sends our Instagram page a message, “Yo guys I been listening to your it. Kicks ass”

Holy shit we were freaking out, so fucking awesome having a rockstar we grew up listening to, listening to our music and digging it!

Well he ended up giving me his number and he’s just been really awesome to talk to. He really loves our sound and digs our album! Even though we put it out over a year ago, he definitely wanted to help us try to push it and get it heard! So he picked “I Don’t Care” for a single and wanted to make a video for it. So a couple of weeks later, Tesla had a show in Oklahoma on a Friday so he flew in early on Thursday to Texas to shoot the video himself! We decided on doing it at Sessionworks Studios where we recorded the album.

Big Thanks to Jeff Mount for recording this killer sounding album! Frank really loved the raw sound we achieved with this all analog recording! And we really appreciate Jeff letting us shoot this video at the studio in a short notice.

This has truly been a blessing making this connection and having someone believe in us. So thankful for this friendship, Frank doesn’t like the word ‘manager’ haha but in this short time he’s definitely been a great coach and mentor, helping bounce ideas off and motivate us! Definitely what we needed!

Anyways please click the link below and subscribe to our YouTube or go to our website and set a reminder to watch the premiere of our video of “I Don’t Care” August 16th at 7pm central time! It was a lot of fun shooting it and I think y’all will enjoy it! – Dylan 🤘✌🏻

Novakain‘s “I Don’t Care” video: