Nubian Rose “Break Out” In Newest Music Video

Nubian Rose “Break Out” In Newest Music Video

October 29, 2014

“Break Out”, the new video from Swedish hard rockers Nubian Rose, has been released. The song is taken from the band’s second album ‘Mental Revolution’, which will be released on November 24th via Livewire/Cargo Records.

Nubian Rose evolves around the magnetic charisma and majestic voice of Sofia Lilja, combined with the unique talent of guitarist Christer Akerlund. In combination with powerful guitar riffs and great melodies, they put a new spirit in the classic melodic hard rock.

Nubian Rose was founded in 2011 — Akerlund knew he had found a unique talent in Lilja when he first heard her sing. Her powerful voice and charismatic stage presence were something very special and meant for greatness. When they started to write music together they knew they were on to something big and they decided to make an album.

With some changes in the band line-up, Nubian Rose is now back with their sophomore album ‘Mental Revolution’ — clearly a step forward. Akerlund has produced the album and Swedish super-producer Tobias Lindell (H.E.A.T, Europe, Hardcore Superstar) has once again done the mixing. The production is edgier and bigger in every way; drums and guitars are dominating together with great melodies. Akerlund and Lilja’s cooperation as a songwriting duo has deepend and matured. It’s obvious that the roots of the Nubian Rose music is coming from the same place as before, but with ‘Mental Revolution’ they have clearly been taking a big step forward.

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